You know where you want to go,
so what is stopping you?

There is a lack of structure and overview

Expertise and time not available (sufficiently)

Tension between short- and long-term

Nobody is truly responsible for the process

The daily operation gets in the way of growth and development

You know where you want to go,
let’s go there together

You know where you want to go, the dream you want to pursue. That’s what energises you day after day. But whilst you are on this journey and want to take the next step, the dynamics of the day-to-day operations also require your attention. New clients, on-going projects, the never-ending stream of information, your internal organisation... That is the moment you start looking for someone to take that next step with. Someone who has done this before and who gives you the confidence that you can truly move on together.


We always combine project and change management and we deploy the best methods and techniques for this


Involved and energetic professionals with many years of experience


We’re customer-oriented, with a unique and proven way of working and short lines of communication

Change does
als not happen naturally

At Move Beyond we understand how challenging the road ahead can be. Change does not happen automatically. Nonetheless, nothing is more enjoyable to us than setting the wheels of change in motion together. To inspire and learn from each other. To explore the unbeaten track. To keep targets sharp. To create and implement plans. But also to enter into discussions, where required. Not to find a compromise, but to gain new insights that assist in realizing your vision and strategy.

How wonderful would it be to work with people who truly understand you and who take personal responsibility?

enjoy the

We create a transparent process that always makes sense and thus combines emotion and ratio into one.

sense of

Ambition becomes progress with lasting results, you exceed your own expectations.